Seven Vices Series

A saint with a secret. A titan with a heartache.

Filthy rich, heartless, and hot as sin. Everyone in New York thought they knew Oliver Lewin. 

And I believed them the morning he stepped into my office. 

When he was sentenced to community service, I drew the short straw to be his supervisor. He represented everything I despised, from his bank account to his cold indifference. 

I was stuck with him. A man I couldn’t stand… a man whose impossibly green eyes ignited me at a glance. 

But that wasn’t my biggest problem. The more I learned about the Manhattan titan, the more hopeless I was to resist him, and it soon became clear we weren’t so different. 

Oliver wasn’t who everyone thought he was. Neither was I. 

That’s why I had to keep my distance. I buried the skeletons in my closet deep, but everyone knows secrets aren’t made to last. 

No one could learn the truth about me. 

Because if exposed, I could lose everything. Even him.

Greed is part of Emily Blythe’s Seven Vices Series, a collection of standalone contemporary romances that can be read in any order. This is a full-length book with no cliff-hanger.