Greed is one day away!

Here it is! The first teaser for the revised edition of Greed which hits Amazon tomorrow. If you enjoyed Wrath, Greed is a must read.

This story is packed full of opposites attract romance that you won’t be able to put down. Be sure to check out the description below, and pre-order if you want it delivered to your Kindle first thing on release day!


Filthy rich, heartless and hot as sin. Everyone in New York thought they knew Oliver Lewin. 

And I believed them the morning he stepped into my office. 

When he was sentenced to community service, I drew the short straw to be his supervisor, even though he represented everything I despised; from his bank account to his cold indifference. 

I was stuck with him. A man I couldn’t stand… A man whose impossibly green eyes ignited me at a glance. 

But that wasn’t my biggest problem. The more I learned about the Manhattan titan, the more hopeless I was to resist him, and it soon became clear we weren’t so different. 

Oliver wasn’t who everyone thought he was. Neither was I. 

It’s for that reason I knew I had to keep my distance. The skeletons in my closet were buried deep, but everyone knows secrets aren’t made to last. 

No one could know the truth about me. Especially Oliver. 

Because if exposed, I could lose everything. Even him.

Redemption – Coming January 13

My second full length title, Redemption, will be released January 13. Be sure to check out the sexy cover and blurb below (Yes, I bring the muscles).

This baby is available now on pre-order. Once it’s released it will be 99c or FREE with KU. 

Covers - 600x400

Evan Lockwood hurts people. 

Men throw away their kid’s college funds watching him pummel other fighters into submission. It’s immoral, not to mention illegal. And he loves every second of it.

But even this bad boy has a weakness, and it’s the hard-talking woman who raised him. When her ailing health takes a turn for the worst, Evan makes the decision to hire a home care worker to make sure she’s cared for at night. What he was expecting was some matronly nurse—what he wasn’t expecting was quiet, practical Isobel and her quiet, practical beauty.

He’s huge, she’s tiny. He’s a brute, she’s as gentle as a lamb. Even their differences can’t keep them from wanting each other.

But it isn’t long before Evan’s lifestyle catches up with them both and tests them in ways they never could have foreseen. One thing is certain, when the women in his life are threatened, Evan won’t take it lying down.

The Winter Manor is OUT NOW & FREE!

To celebrate the release of THE WINTER MANOR, a steamy holiday novella, I’m giving the book away for FREE for the month of December! All you need to do is subscribe to my mailing list and you’ll get this book for nothing 🙂

Click here to claim your free book!

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It had been years since he locked himself away in that old manor house. After what happened all those years ago, the reality of the outside world had become too harsh and painful to endure. Seeing everyone else move on with their lives, while he lingered in an emotional purgatory was agonizing.

His bitterness slowly crept into every corner and crevice of what was once an enchanting family edifice. Eventually, it to, became like him—cold, dark and empty.

Until I came along.

With a lot of persistence and some holiday spirit, I knew I could make that place into something special—something whole and nurtured. While I pushed away my Christmas blues and breathed new life into that beautiful old mansion, I couldn’t help but wonder… could the same be said for the man who resided within? What would it take to bring him back to life?

THE WINTER MANOR is a steamy, contemporary romance novella. This holiday quick read is perfect for cuddling up with on a cold winter’s night.