Seven Vices Series

A new extended edition of Greed is currently in the works. Watch this space for the link!

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Filthy rich, charismatic and obnoxiously insincere. Oliver was everything I despised about the world, all wrapped up in a dirty talking, sexy as hell package.

Anyone else would have sold their left kidney to get close to him. To bask in his charismatic glow, even for just a second.

But I knew from the outset that he was all wrong for me. He ruined the most important night of my career, and to top it off, he almost landed himself in jail over it.

Now he’s been assigned to my non-profit organization to serve out his community service and I’m disgusted.

I’m miserable.

And for the first time in my life I feel totally unprepared….because I’ve never wanted a man so bad in my life.

This is a full-length, standalone novel with a HEA.

GREED is a standalone contemporary romance from Emily’s SEVEN VICES SERIES. Each book in the series is themed around a common human vice. These books are full-length novels that can be read in any order.