Seven Vices Series

Filthy rich, heartless and hot as sin. Everyone in New York thought they knew Oliver Lewin. 

And I believed them the morning he stepped into my office. 

When he was sentenced to community service, I drew the short straw to be his supervisor, even though he represented everything I despised; from his bank account to his cold indifference. 

I was stuck with him. A man I couldn’t stand… A man whose impossibly green eyes ignited me at a glance. 

But that wasn’t my biggest problem. The more I learned about the Manhattan titan, the more hopeless I was to resist him, and it soon became clear we weren’t so different. 

Oliver wasn’t who everyone thought he was. Neither was I. 

It’s for that reason I knew I had to keep my distance. The skeletons in my closet were buried deep, but everyone knows secrets aren’t made to last. 

No one could know the truth about me. Especially Oliver.

Because if exposed, I could lose everything. Even him.

The Seven Vices series is a collection of standalone contemporary romances that can be read in any order.