Seven Vices Series

The first time I met Julian I was almost arrested for a) crashing his party and b) stealing his wallet. What is it that they say about first impressions?

The second time was at a cocktail mixer–my first gig as a paid escort for an elite dating agency in New York. By then I was sure this guy thought I was a total psycho. But for some reason, he picked me.

Me. A clumsy, naïve, and totally out of my depth twenty-two-year-old who’d grown up in a hippy commune. We couldn’t be more different. He was driven, conservative, a buttoned-up suit.

Or so I thought.

That night, that room, thatparty. It changed everything I knew about myself. . . and him. If I thought I was out of my depth before, it was nothing compared to the world I’d just discovered. The underbelly of the New York social scene that I didn’t know existed–that made me balk, yet reeled me in with every sultry glance, with every breathless sigh that escaped my lips.

And before I knew it, I was taking part. I couldn’t help myself.

It couldn’t help but pick him.

The Seven Vices series is a collection of standalone contemporary romances that can be read in any order.