The Winter Manor

A Christmas Romance Novella

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Greed Cover

It had been years since he had locked himself away in that old manor house.

After what happened all those years ago, the reality of the outside world had become too harsh and painful to endure. Seeing everyone else move on with their lives, while he lingered in an emotional purgatory was agonizing.

His bitterness slowly crept into every corner and crevice of what was once an enchanting family edifice. Eventually, it to, became like him—cold, dark and empty.

 Until I came along.

With a lot of persistence and some holiday spirit, I knew I could make that place into something special—something whole and nurtured. While I pushed away my Christmas blues and breathed new life into that beautiful old mansion, I couldn’t help but wonder… could the same be said for the man who resided within? What would it take to bring him back to life?

THE WINTER MANOR is a steamy, contemporary romance novella. This holiday quick read is perfect for cuddling up with on a cold winter’s night.